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Exciting Developments

We are happy to report on a few of the key developments over the last quarter and look forward to advancing these opportunities over the year.

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  • Filing of our first patent for our impact management process.

The team would like to announce some exciting people developments at GreenArc as we continue to build our team with the highest calibre talent:​

The Board approved Rony's formal appointment as CEO and Bikram as Chairman and Head of Finance in January.

Reid Warren joined our Singapore office as Head of Sales, bringing with him over 30 years of experience from firms such as Reuters, Temenos and Sunguard.

Abhijeet Sinha joined our India office as VP of Engineering, bringing 20 years of industry experience, including from firms such as Amazon & Capgemini​.


We are thrilled to be an integral part of the fintech start-up ecosystem and feel honoured to have received industry recognition for our Impact SaaS solution.

  • Winner of Best AI-Driven Investment Fintech Company, SE Asia 2022 Singapore Business Awards.

Media and Events

We are always humbled to be invited to share our experience and expertise with the wider sector or are picked up by the media. Please see below for highlights of where GreenArc has been popping up:

Technode Global's interview with Greenarc CEO Rony J Palanthikal : Link

Singapore Business Awards 2022 – Apac Insider magazine : ​ Link

Green Climate Financing presentation by Greenarc CEO Rony J Palanthikal at the Singapore Civil Service College : ​ Link

Thought Leadership

As keen investors in our space, we are happy to share our insights on a few of the pertinent impact topics we are passionate about. Please take a look at our recent publications for more information:

What is the Role of Social Investing | Link
by Meeta Misra, Director, Head of Impact & Outreach

The Exponential Rise of Sustainability Linked Finance| Link
by Vandana Razdan, Consultant, Impact and Outreach

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