What We Do


The rise of sustainable and mission-driven investing needs to be matched with credible, accountable and mission-aligned market-based investment opportunities. We look at transforming this demand into sustainable debt investments directed towards alleviating poverty and mitigating climate change across emerging markets in Asia, fostering social and economic growth.

With a focus on innovation and scalability, we work with financial institutions, fintech lending companies and investors to develop credit financing solutions in key high impact sectors: conservation, education, SMEs, consumer finance and microfinance.

Our fintech platform uses AI enabled risk and impact modules to direct private debt investments to micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as low-middle income households, providing them with necessary financing to access basic goods and services or initiate projects otherwise unattainable.

Taking the classic view of traditional asset allocation, we re-construct portfolios through a sustainable investing lens.

GreenArc’s focus is providing market access to the underinvested private debt market.